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Re: The new installer

Michael Stone <mstone@debian.org> writes:

> Just to clear something up--does the bug get closed before or after
> the package has been processed for correctness?

After, of course.

> (I.e., could the bug be closed and the package still be rejected?)

There's a v. small corner case[1] where a package can get into
accepted but later be ``unaccepted'', but that should (and does)
almost never happen, but on the rare occasions it does, the odds are
it will be a non-sourceful (=> non-bug-closing) upload.


[1] Once a package goes into accepted, it's files are frozen.  The
    problem is the database isn't (and can't be) so any database
    sanity checks need to be redone prior to the package being moved
    from accepted to to the pool.  The most obvious example of a
    sanity checks which might pass first time around (i.e. unchecked
    -> accepted) but fail later (i.e. accepted -> pool) is 'is the
    package in the overrides?'.  Obviously, it's possible for a
    package to be removed from the archive that's also had an upload
    earlier in the day, but it's a) rare, and b) even rarer for the
    upload to be sourceful and bug closing.

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