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Re: It's Huntin' Season

>>"Peter" == Peter S Galbraith <p.galbraith@globetrotter.net> writes:

 Peter> Emacs policy dictates that elisp files that are eval'ed at
 Peter> Emacs startup go under /etc/emacs.  However, these aren't
 Peter> necessarily configuration files

	Say what? 
     configuration file
          A file that affects the operation of a program, or provides site-
          or host-specific information, or otherwise customizes the
          behavior of a program.  Typically, configuration files are
          intended to be modified by the system administrator (if needed or
          desired) to conform to local policy or to provide more useful
          site-specific behavior.

	When I load an emacs start up file, typically the behacviour
 of emacs changes. For example, auc tex, cperl, psgml, et. al. replace
 the default handling of certain files with wildly different

 Peter> (even if policy dictates that they be conffiles).  So that's a
 Peter> problem with Emacs policy.  (e.g. lots of other programs load
 Peter> some init code at startup that isn't stored under /etc nor
 Peter> tagged as conffiles.)

	That is not germane to the discussion, but these programs may
 be buggy as well, if these start up code modifirs program behaviour:
     Any configuration files created or used by your package must reside in
     `/etc'.  If there are several you should consider creating a
     subdirectory of `/etc' named after your package.

     If your package creates or uses configuration files outside of `/etc',
     and it is not feasible to modify the package to use the `/etc', you
     should still put the files in `/etc' and create symbolic links to
     those files from the location that the package requires.

	I am not saying you can't read init code from anywhere but
 /etc (not yet, anyway). But if it is optionally changing program
 behaviour, as opposed to reading static data, and if a user can add
 or somehow change the configuration (whether or not you think she
 ought to or may reasonably need to or not), they should bge in /etc,
 and they should be editable.

 Peter> It doesn't usually hurt much of anything by tagging them as
 Peter> such except that half (or so) of us hadn't done so.  Also,

	Then your program is buggy, cause you did not read policy. 

 Peter> Tagging them as conffiles has the drawback that it leaves crud
 Peter> on the system when you remove instead of purge the package.

	That is true of all conffiles. 

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