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Re: It's Huntin' Season

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:

> 	When I load an emacs start up file, typically the behacviour
>  of emacs changes. For example, auc tex, cperl, psgml, et. al. replace
>  the default handling of certain files with wildly different
>  behaviour. 

When I put a new binary in /bin, the behavior of bash changes.  Does
that mean that every binary in the system is a configuration file?

> 	I am not saying you can't read init code from anywhere but
>  /etc (not yet, anyway). But if it is optionally changing program
>  behaviour, as opposed to reading static data, and if a user can add
>  or somehow change the configuration (whether or not you think she
>  ought to or may reasonably need to or not), they should bge in /etc,
>  and they should be editable.

Except that this doesn't apply to, say libc.  I mean, even if you
think people should hex edit libc, they might, and certainly libc
"changes program behavior"...

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