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Re: splitting xpdf and copyright problems

> By the way, I'm also wondering if anyone knows about the following
> X fonts, which seem to be requested by some of the languages:

Knows what about them in particular? I'm pretty sure I've seen them in
debian before, and in fact: apt-cache search finds hbf-jfs56 for
fangsong in GB2312 encoding, but only as bitmaps and config for
cjk-latex; xfonts-base includes
which has a fonts.dir line of
gb16fs.pcf.gz -isas-fangsong ti-medium-r-normal--16-160-72-72-c-160-gb2312.1980-0
and does match the pattern you list.

Likewise perhaps hanglm16.pcf.gz and hanglm24.pcf.gz, also in
xfonts-base, provide 

which match the korean pattern you listed.

(apt-cache search turns up additional mincho truetype and ghostscript

Are the non-free files just mappings from character values to
postscript character names? If so, perhaps something in 
gsfonts-wadalab-mincho or gs-cjk-resource might help...
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