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Re: Trying to fix slang

On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 04:57:05PM -0800, Philip Brown wrote:
> Just because there's an faq on a bug, doesnt mean it isnt a bug.
> The FAQ you cite even says that the (xfree-xterm) settings are incompatible 
> with ****The X Consortium xterm ***.
> This says to me that debian should fix its xterm termcap entry so that it
> works with both standard xterm, and tweaked xterm.
> Maybe recompile xterm so that it defaults to exporting its term-type as
> xterm-xf86-v32, and then change the vanilla 'xterm' termcap entry to be
> just that: vanilla xterm.

Sorry, I'm not going to gratuitously deviate from upstream practice.

Talk to Tom Dickey.

Did you know that ****THE X CONSORTIUM**** has been **DEFUNCT** for
**SEVERAL YEARS**?  Obviously not.

Furthermore, understand that XFree86 is the most widely deployed
implementation of the X Window System today.

Finally, I do not think it is desirable for Debian's xterm terminfo
entry to be compatible with AIX's at the expense of compatibility with
Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSE, etc., all of whom use XFree86.

Bottom line: I'm not going to do this.  Ian Jackson went so far as to
call me on the phone a few years ago to try and persuade me to break
compatibility with XFree86.  If he couldn't manage it, you're not going
to, either.

Talk to Tom Dickey.

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