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Re: Trying to fix slang

Glenn Maynard <g_deb@zewt.org> cum veritate scripsit:

> > I've read the source, and I think non-UTF8 version has support for 
> > locales that are not UTF8.
> The UTF8 one should support non-UTF8 locales, too.  If it doesn't, this
> should probably be considered a bug, though it might be one too
> complicated to fix right now.

I've checked it. It doesn't. I told you. 

> The only problem I've seen is mutt-utf8 not displaying line drawing
> characters properly in non-UTF8 locales.  I havn't used it that way
> extensively, however.

Then you haven't used it enough.
Non-utf locale != ISO8859-1.

There are many locales out there which is not ISO8859-1,
and are incompatible with UTF-8.

> Looking at it quickly, I see:
> +/* dancer@debian.org, check for UTF8 flags */
> +#error "UTF8 symbol does not match slang UTF8 status"
> +#endif
> Programs shouldn't need to #define UTF8 explicitely just because they're
> linking against the UTF8 version of slang.  I'd just #define UTF8
> automatically.  (But #undef it at the end if it's not the slang library
> itself, or rename it to something better like SLANG_UTF8.)

It currently does, and that is why many are broken,
and that is why I added a check. If programs aren't doing it
like that currently, then they are bound to fail.

It is not possible to #define and #undefine UTF8.
How do I handle cases when UTF8 is already defined?

> > I don't really care about converting every program to 
> > UTF8, or making new slang1 package that is binary incompatible with upstream
> > versions and every other distribution, or whatever else.
> You don't care about any possible solutions other than this one?  Your
> solution is the *obvious* one; there must be something less obvious
> holding up such a fix, or it would probably have been done long ago.
> I'm not suggesting converting any programs to UTF8, I'm just offering
> alternatives.

I am telling you that no one seems to have bothered to fix this 
particular problem sufficiently for a while although it 
has been broken like this for 4 months.

Please, there are many bugs in the base system, and 
standard system. Fix them.

Fixing the slang library is the task of the upstream,
Debian needs to do the integration part.


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