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Bug in sysklogd with pipe

Hello Martin,

I use sysklogd in debian-testing and I use its feathure - logging in pipe.
I write perl script, which reads messages from syslogd's pipe and parse it.

And at some time script recieving strange messages, for example:
Jan 29 14:06:27 www Jan 29 14:06:27 www drwebd: /opt/drweb/spool/msg.GT8F6J - archive MAIL
but in /var/log/syslog this message logged ok:
Jan 29 14:06:27 www drwebd: /opt/drweb/spool/msg.GT8F6J - archive MAIL

Debugging part from perl script:
open(LOG,"$PIPE_FILE") || die("Error: open pipe failed");

while(my $s = <LOG>){
sub full_debug{
   my $s = shift;

   print FULL_DEBUG $s;

Thanx for any answers.

P.S.: string from syslog.conf:
*.*    |/var/log/logpipe

#Alex S. Yemelyanov

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