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Trying to fix slang


I've been looking at slang problems today, and 
I've modified the system slightly to make utf-8 version of 
slang1, to have a different soname, libslang.so.1-UTF8
I have uploaded a NMU candidate at incoming/DELAYED/3-day,
but please check if it does not break anything.
It should be binary-compatible with the previous versions 
of non-utf8 binaries.

This should fix most problems that currently exist in 
many packages, and removes the necessity to divert.

However, it means that the following packages need some


I think mutt just needs to be recompiled.
boot-floppies needs slight modification for filename handling,
and for newt, I think it needs to be split out in two packages
one built against utf8, and another against non-utf.

The applications using newt should be safe, I think newt interface
is consistent between non-utf8 and utf-8 versions.

Packages using slang, like "jed" should be aware that this 
change has happened.

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