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Re: Two suggestions for woody release

> > to fix them later and upload them. Would it be possible to create an
> > "official"(1) archive of these dropped packages?
> We still have them in sid. Isn't that enough ?

  To make it short, no.

  To make it longer, yes we do, but possibly linked against newer
libraries or otherwise uninstallable into a stable system. That is the
whole point. Anyone can install XFree 4.1.0 from sid to potato, but that
means upgrading about everything else, as well. It is no problem if you
want to go to sid but I imagine there are many people who want to use
stable (whether it be potato or, in the future, woody) for many good
reasons but still want to install something not included in woody because
it happened to have an RC bug at release time.

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