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Two suggestions for woody release

  There will be packages dropped from woody because they have RC bugs.
This is fine. Someone might want to install them anyway, or have time to
fix them later and upload them. Would it be possible to create an
"official"(1) archive of these dropped packages?

  Also, after woody is out, there may be a substantial delay in getting
the next version out. If this happens, some kind of "official"(1) archive
of new upstream software, compiled against woody software might also be
useful. There are numerous places to grab new software for potato but they
are very scattered. (I admit, many are at debian.org but with no easy way of

  Just some ideas... of course, this means more work for certain people,
but how much work would setting these up actually mean? The packages would
be build and placed somewhere for apt-getting, anyway.

(1) Official, in the sense that they are mentioned on www.debian.org and
rsync'ed from debian.org to all the ordinary mirrors.

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