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Re: Internationalization of apt

Am 21.01.02 um 20:58:45 schrieb Michael Bramer:
> > but that the libapt messages need to be in a seperate domain.
> and this is not a real problem. See dgettext(3)
I know, that's what I did. Still, if he insists on a seperate domain, I
can produce it.

> > PS: I have now uploaded apt-i18n. In a couple of days it should be
> maybe we can fix it more and add support for translated packages files.
Uh. Adding the final i18n bits was easy. This would require actually
looking into the code. Do you have any patches ready?
I don't really want a real fork, actually, if I can avoid it.

> has you already german support?
Na klar.


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