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Re: Potato to Woody dist-upgrade problems

Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> wrote:
>> >>>> Wrong.  The X server does not depend on locally installed fonts.  Read
>> Therefore it is evident that xserver-xfree86.deb must not depend on
>> xfonts-base.

> Well, I completely understand Branden's position on the dependency, and it
> isn't his fault that our dependencies don't cover all the bases, but you
> have all ignored the situation that actually exists on my laptop. It has
> NO permanent connection to the net. It is, for most of its useful life, a
> stand alone workstation without any outside server connections. Please
> explain to me how this machine can run an X server without locally
> provided fixed fonts!

You cannot. Because it is a more _common_ to use local fonts, we
_have_ the Suggests: xfonts-base. My point was only that your proposed
solution, to make the xserver _depend_ on xfonts-base was not

> More to the point, I had the required fixed fonts
> installed on the Potato system, why did they go away on an upgrade?

Bug. Your last paragraph (the one I snipped) suggests that it is one
in potato's apt.

>> Suggests: xfonts-base of xserver-common is the correct relation.

> This is fine for the state that everyone seems to think of as universal,
> but it isn't necessarily going to work for everyone.
[snip, some ack from me]

Imho Debian (developers) should not advertise
"apt-get dist-upgrade" for Joe User, because it does not handle
Suggests and Recommends, which makes it quite probable that
distribution upgrades'll leave you with some broken packages[1].

"apt-get dist-upgrade" is only for power-users who can fix these
errors themself, Joe User should use dselect. Dselect requires reading
the documentation and the online-help _before_ you start pressing
random keys, but _imho_ this can be expected from debians target
            cu andreas (no DD)
PS: Could you please use a correct signature-separator, ie. "-- "
    instead of "--", tia.

[1] e.g. this "X-bug", and nonconfigured non-US keyboard.
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