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Re: Internationalization of apt

On Mon, Jan 21, 2002 at 04:13:01PM +0100, Michael Piefel wrote:
> Am 20.01.02 um 22:07:10 schrieb Michael Bramer:
> > google don't find your and his reply. Can you give some URLs/hints?
> Unfortunately, no. It was private mail. Some of it was CCed to
> deity@lists.debian.org.
> Basically, Jason said my patch was quite nice, but that the libapt
> messages need to be in a seperate domain.

and this is not a real problem. See dgettext(3)

> PS: I have now uploaded apt-i18n. In a couple of days it should be

maybe we can fix it more and add support for translated packages files.

> available for download. It features six languages already. There seem to
> be a number of people interested in this.

has you already german support?

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