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Re: Internationalization of apt

On Tue, Jan 22, 2002 at 10:48:27AM +0100, Michael Piefel wrote:
> Am 21.01.02 um 20:58:45 schrieb Michael Bramer:
> > > but that the libapt messages need to be in a seperate domain.
> > and this is not a real problem. See dgettext(3)
> I know, that's what I did. Still, if he insists on a seperate domain, I
> can produce it.

If libapt use a own gettext domain, we need translate the libapt text
output only one time. 

> > > PS: I have now uploaded apt-i18n. In a couple of days it should be
> > maybe we can fix it more and add support for translated packages files.
> Uh. Adding the final i18n bits was easy. This would require actually
> looking into the code. Do you have any patches ready?


We must first discuss the concept of the i18n Package Description
Support. I like gettext. (all debian-devel readers know my proposals)

One easy way should this: 
 - add a 'deb-po' in sources.list
 - 'apt-get update' download this mo file's and store it in
   /var/lib/apt/... (and a like from
   /usr/share/locale/LANG/LC_MESSAGES/pdesc.mo to this file)
 - Use dgettext with all Outputs

> I don't really want a real fork, actually, if I can avoid it.

I don't like a fork also. But maybe we can test all the i18n code in
apt-i18n and after some time 'he' can add it to the 'real' apt. 

> > has you already german support?
> Na klar.


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