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Re: BUG: Quake2 and mailcap file (mime-support)

Ah, G'day Jamie - didn't actually realise you were the maintainer.. :)

On Thu, Jan 10, 2002 at 03:49:49PM +1100, Jamie Wilkinson wrote:
> This one time, at band camp, Pete Ryland wrote:
> >So is this a bug with mime-support (shouldn't have blown away mailcap
> >when /tmp was full), quake2-data (shouldn't have filled /tmp in the first
> >place), both, or should I have been monitoring /tmp and it's really my
> >own silly fault? (100M is surely enough for most things, no?)
> It's a bug with quake2-data for not checking that the unpack will fit into
> /tmp.  I should add a debconf question asking where the user would like to
> unpack it to (or perhaps use the same directory that the data is
> downloaded to).

Using the same directory is probably reasonable.  And I can't remember it
saying how much room would be needed. ;)

I actually assumed it would be quite small (<100M anyway), hence my original
choice of /tmp.

> As for blowing away mailcap, was this automagically rebuilt after
> quake2-data was installed?  I am assuming that your /tmp and /etc are on
> the same partition.

Bingo!  Yeah, of course, on this box they are.. that would be it.  Hmm..
could be a hard thing to get around then on the part of the update-mime
script since this obviously involves a race between programs writing to /tmp
and /etc.  In fact on line 200ish it does check, but doesn't return a
non-zero exit code from the looks of it, so I wouldn't have noticed the
error message until I ran it manually.

I shall file a bug report anyway, just to raise it at least as a potential


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