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[kde] and, for my next trick ...

The libpng[23] screwup in unstable is now more or less resolved with
kde{base,graphics,network} in incoming. Now, the only packages that need
rebuilding are kdeaddons, kinkatta, kmerlin, koffice, and maybe kdetoys
(not sure on that one - Ben?). kdelibs was installed last night.

Thanks muchly to calc for dealing with dodgy Build-Depends, hurried
patches, huge builds, many uploads, and me. He's been absolutely
invaluable; KDE3 is in good hands.

On another note, I think it's a credit to the sponsorship system that
I'm actually able to maintain KDE2.2; it's in fact quicker for calc to
build KDE than it is for me (AthlonXP 1800 vs P2 350; I'll have access
to some P3 Xeons soon). Obviously DDness would be far preferable, but

Have at it.

Daniel Stone						    <daniel@sfarc.net>
From: Adam Heath <doogie@debian.org>

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