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Re: ITP: openmash -- streaming media toolkit

On Fri 28 Dec 2001 04:00, Clint Adams wrote:
> > I think that should be in non-free, until license issues are cleared.
> > (CellB, Netvideo, XML Parser)
> Is it possible to port openmash to a free XML parser?
> (I didn't see any non-commercial clauses in the CellB or Netvideo
> licenses).

	I don't know really, because my exams and Kernel Debian Cousin (see 
http://kt.zork.net/news.html) suddenly appeared... :-) After Christmas, I 
want to finish several Debian issues, one of them really look into openmash 
and resolve the various license issues that it can have.

	I hope that openmash could go into main, of course.


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