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Re: Adopting these packages

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On Friday 04 January 2002 17:03, Daniel Stone wrote:
> (BCC'ed to control@b.d.o).
> I will adopt the KDE packages, while Chris "calc" Cheney will take Qt, and
> will also be the KDE3 maintainer when it comes around to it; by the time
> KDE2.2 is phased out in favour of KDE3, I won't have the time to maintain
> KDE, so it works out nicely.
> :) d
> Please CC all replies to me; the MX for the domain I get all list mail on
> is down, so I'm reduced to reading lists through the archives. If you
> don't, I reserve the right to have a long, flaming, thread about the fact.
> Oh, and sorry about the line wrapping - LookOut! Express doesn't have it.
> :\

Hi Daniel,

I'm a KDE hacker. I would like to eventually adopt KDE3 packages. Could Chris 
please contact me?

Unfortunately I'm not available until February, but if you have any problems 
I'd try to help.


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