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Re: Debian.rpm

also sprach Valentijn Sessink <001+news+vaIentijn.sessink@nospam.openoffice.nl> [2002.01.04.1255 +0100]:
> A friend of mine runs RedHat and told me "but I configure it with vi".
> I told him - jokingly - that I prefered Debian and joe. He answered 
> "Hmm, Debian, what's that for a package? Maybe there's an .rpm of it".
> Made me think :-D

it would be possible, you know. an RPM that basically substitutes every
installed RPM by the corresponding DEB. that would rock ;)

then all we'd need to do is trojan the SuSE and RedHat servers, and
we'll have made the world a better place ;)

(yes, i am joking).


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