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no space left on device: LVM, Gnus --> dpkg, apt-get ?

 I'm using LVM and XFS filesystems on my computer at home.  This
 morning, after I pushed "g" from the Gnus *Group* buffer (to get new
 mail), it stopped part way through with an error message.  Gnus
 prompted me in the XEmacs minibuffer saying "no space left on device:
 Continue (yes, no)?".  My 10g "/home" logical volume had filled up.

 I opened a root console, used "lvextend" to add a few spare gigs to
 my "/home" LV, then ran "xfs_growfs" to grow it's filesystem into the
 new space.

 I then went back to XEmacs, typed "yes" to the question, and watched
 while it happily finished tossing all of my mail into folders.  It is
 actually coded in such a way that it can gracefully deal with this
 situation!  (Had I said "no" there, it would have left my mail in the
 crashbox, safe and sound.)

 Wow, now that's really cool.  What I'm wondering is, can "apt-get",
 "dpkg", and friends recover this easily from a device overflow?  Was
 that thought of during their design and implementation?  If it needs
 a little more space in "/var" or "/usr", can it notice that before
 filling the block device, and prompt me about it, so I can make some
 room somehow?  (either by removing files, dpkg --purging something,
 or using the LVM tools to extend the logical volume and then the
 filesystem utility to grow the filesystem.)

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