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Re: Some thoughts about problems within Debian

Hi Colin!

You wrote:

> What the exact steps should be to accomplish this goal aren't completely
> clear to me, and I doubt they are to anyone else either.  We have come a
> long way, but there is a lot more to do.  Just for example, take the
> thread about Euro support.  Certainly, Europe is part of the Universe
> which we want to support.  So, all of Debian needs to support the Euro.
> Well, how do we do that?  For some programs this may require something
> as trivial as setting an environment variable, but for others it could
> be quite complex, requiring code/program design changes.  So even the
> steps to getting to full Euro support aren't well defined.
> For something even more nebulous, how about *full* Unicode support? 
> Even a goal that upon a cursory glance seems as concrete as "a full
> replacement for Microsoft Word" has innumerable substeps.

The problem here is IMHO that while such large projects (unicode
support, hardware detection, full debconf support, etc) require effort
and thought from _all_ debian developers, while at the moment, they are
given thought and are being worked on by _individual_ developers only.
Our infrastructure should be such that the ideas of those indivuals are
easily picked up and concretized. 
> I think Debian is really defined not by its internal structure, or even
> things like the Social Contract or the DFSG, but by the people, who
> choose what to work on at will.  We have to have some concrete
> definition (i.e. policy, the DFSG), of course, or things would
> disintegrate into chaos, but just creating structure doesn't make people
> work on filling it in.  

Sure, I do of course agree with you that everyone should be able to work
on whatever part of Debian he/she wants. This is IMO one of the greatest
advances of the Debian organisation. We don't want to go to a situation
in which an imaginary "Debian Chairman" could order somebody to do something. 
However, we should have a system to detect which parts of Debian need
attention and in what part things go wrong. 

Kind regards,
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