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Re: EURO and CENT signs in the console keymaps

Hi Andreas!

You wrote:

> When I use a iso8859-15 font in xterm, the euro will display
> correctly, but I can't enter it on the commandline, it only
> beeps. However, when I use 'read' and then enter AltGr-e, it works ok.
> However if I set LANG or LC_CTYPE to 'de_AT@euro' it no longer beeps,
> and nothing shows up using 'read'. 

This is a bug in your shell, I guess. I have the same problem here (with

> Also an emacs started with that env
> setting doesn't do anything on AltGr-e (without that setting,
> everything's OK: ¤, see ;-)).

Well, I get a little square here, but that's probably my own settings.

Kind regards,
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