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Re: EURO and CENT signs in the console keymaps

Bas Zoetekouw (2002-01-04 14:17:07 +0100) :

> Hi Andreas!
> You wrote:


>> Also an emacs started with that env setting doesn't do anything on
>> AltGr-e (without that setting, everything's OK: ¤, see ;-)).
> Well, I get a little square here, but that's probably my own settings.

Nope.  I get it too, as I should: the message was declaring itself as
encoded in ISO-8859-1, and that means the ¤ is a ¤ and not a €.  Or,
for you non-UTF-8-enabled people: that means the "international
currency sign" is a "international currency sign" and not a "euro

Roland Mas

Plant a radish, get a radish, never any doubt!
  -- Bellamy & Hucklebee, in The Fantasticks

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