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Re: Preparing a Proposal: 3 DD needed for every NEW package

Hi Lenart!

You wrote:

> True. But, if you can't find 3 people out of 900 (so 1 out of 300) who
> see interest in a package, then that package is most probably very
> rarely used.

Let me refrase my question: can you explictly point out some packages
that have been ITP'ed lately and of which you think that they should not
go into Debian because they aren't needed? I can't, so I don't think
there's a problem here.

> > I agree with you that the many orphaned packages are a problem, but that
> > won't be solved by your proposal.

> Sure, but it might stop the growing of that list.

We could also just drop all extra and optional packages, that might also
stop teh growing of that list (and it will be a lot more effective I
think). Seriously though, it's not the new packages we should worry
about (they are mostly well taken care of and not orphaned quickly), but
the old ones.

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