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Re: Preparing a Proposal: 3 DD needed for every NEW package

On Sun, 30 Dec 2001 14:00:29 +0200 (EET)
Juha Jäykkä <juolja@utu.fi> wrote:

> > maintainers' was: send him a notice that he'll be removed if he won't
> > take care of his packages/other tasks for foo more days, if he does
> > not answer or tell us he's giving up his key is removed from the keyring
>   I agree to this. The obvious problem would be who does this... ;) I
> do not actually know, but it seems like it would need to be someone
> with the authority to remove keys from the keyring. Who are they? I
> suppose they are persons who are well known, respected by the
> community - and overworked...
another DAM... or someone appointed by the DAM and the Project's Leader
is what I thought...

>   What I am really most afraid of, is lack of decision. This certainly
> looks like something that must be tackled but in too many cases in
> volunteer organisations, the decisions needed are never made.
yes... I see your point and I am sure this happens a lot, even in
Debian... but that's why we're discussing now, to find a way of
solving a problem


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