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Re: Preparing a Proposal: 3 DD needed for every NEW package

> maintainers' was: send him a notice that he'll be removed if he won't
> take care of his packages/other tasks for foo more days, if he does
> not answer or tell us he's giving up his key is removed from the keyring

  I agree to this. The obvious problem would be who does this... ;) I
do not actually know, but it seems like it would need to be someone
with the authority to remove keys from the keyring. Who are they? I
suppose they are persons who are well known, respected by the
community - and overworked...
  What I am really most afraid of, is lack of decision. This certainly
looks like something that must be tackled but in too many cases in
volunteer organisations, the decisions needed are never made.
Sometimes because of lack of people who dare to make them, sometimes
because of internal power struggles and sometimes because no one
really knows who has the authority to make them. I really wish this
does not happen here. I do not mean this happens with Debian - I do
not have enough insight to know that but heck, it even happened in the
firm I used to work at! And that was really stupid: everything should
have gone smoothly. None of the problems I described existed but still
nothing happened for 1.5 years (at which point I got tired and quit -
I think nothing has happened even now, 1.5 years after I quit).

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