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Re: Preparing a Proposal: 3 DD needed for every NEW package

On Sat, Dec 29, 2001 at 10:16:04AM -0700, Bdale Garbee wrote:
> ocsi@debian.org (Lenart Janos) writes:

> > Other thing: there might be a need for a new Priority (or re-arrange the
> > current ones). I mean, something like 'Priority: zero' or something like
> > that, so they won't even go to the official set of the CDs, etc.

> I've thought about this before, too.  It's not entirely clear to me why we
> want packages in the distribution we're not willing to see released on CD's
> other than for legitimate release-critical bugs, though.

The approach that's been discussed in the past (and which I believe is
currently attempted) is to try to put more widely used software on the
lower numbered CDs.

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