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Re: Conditional packages

Richard Atterer <deb-devel@list.atterer.net> writes:

> IMHO distributing a debian/ dir with upstream sources is a bad thing. 
> You should not do it even if you are both upstream and the Debian
> maintainer - one day this may no longer be true, and whoever is your
> successor as the package maintainer won't like that situation!

The practice that I use and that is also used for the Hurd is as
follows; I recommend it to all developers who are also themselves the
"upstream" maintainers of software, which is itself released

The CVS archive (which is publicly accessible) contains the debian
directory and is managed like everything else.

The official released version of the package (to the world) does not
contain the Debian directory, but the debian directory lives in the
CVS archive and is easily managed.

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