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Re: [kmail] yes, it's stuffed (bug 123337)

>>>>> On Sun, 16 Dec 2001, "Ed" == Ed Tomlinson wrote:

  Ed> So far three of the people reporting this have been on K6 type
  Ed> processors.  Are others on K6 boxes seeing this problem too.  What
  Ed> about K7 or P2, P3 and P4?

  Ed> The problem seems to happen with kmail, knode, korn, kppp, kdict and
  Ed> maybe kdessh.  Packages from Dec 9 and later are borked.

I have been the one compiling the i386 packages for kdenetwork and 
kdessh. I am running a P3 here, so they at least work on my machine. I 
also noticed that most of the people reporting the problem have been using 
K6-type CPUs, and would be extremely interested in the CPU type of the 
rest reporting this bug.




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