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Re: Ports disappeared from www.debian.org?

On Thu, Dec 13, 2001 at 11:56:03PM -0800, Randolph Chung wrote:
> > (Before you complain, I didn't pick that confusing term for the section
> > name.)
> how about if you give us some ideas of what you think might be a better
> name?

"Getting Debian" or ""

> If it doesn't fit under one of the existing headings, does it make sense
> to have an "Architecture" heading and just go ahead and list all the
> ports under that?

That would enlarge the blue box on the front page even more... I guess we
could add it as a single heading, above Developers' Corner (since in between
the user and developer information).

> > I thought about adding it below Developers' Corner link, but some of the
> > port pages are to be used by normal users, not only developers.
> doesn't sound quite right imo.

Well that is a fact -- the PowerPC pages, for example, have information
about how people should go about when installing. This is clearly not a
developer-only matter :)

> alternatively i think listing it under "About" may be appropriate too.

It's a stretch...

> > Yes, though our port pages are in general somewhat suboptimal to be
> > highlighted :| The introductory page deserves mention, of course, but not
> > pages that have a "News" section from 1999, and those that are just generic
> > stuff. <sigh>
> again, not being familiar with what the webmasters have done in the
> past, can you give us some ideas of what would bring the pages up to par
> with what you consider "optimal"? I wouldn't mind spending some time to
> help get these into better shape if that's what is needed.

The PowerPC and Hurd pages look good -- they have more than just generic
information. The Alpha and SPARC pages seem like they could be getting
there, too.

Note that I'm not saying there's anything wrong about generic information,
it's just that it's pointless to have a whole section just about that (think
maintenance, multiply by the number of translations), one page would suffice
for a list of respective port mailing lists. :/

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