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Re: Ports disappeared from www.debian.org?

In reference to a message from Josip Rodin, dated Dec 08:
> On Sat, Dec 08, 2001 at 02:08:22PM -0500, Christopher C. Chimelis wrote:
> > Is it just me, or did the link to http://www.debian.org/ports disappear
> > from the main page?  Any reason for this?
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-www/2001/debian-www-200112/msg00011.html

Josip, and the rest of the debian www page maintainers,

Please add the ports link back to the front page.  I don't remember offhand 
where it was previously, but under "Distribution" on the left hand pane of 
the front page seems like the right place.

www.netbsd.org lists ports as "Supported Hardware" under "Distribution"
www.openbsd.org lists ports as "Hardware Platforms" under "About OpenBSD"

I think one of the main things that make Debian such a good distribution
is our wide support for different hardware. Shouldn't we highlight that?

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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