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lintian, strip --strip-unneeded, section, and priority

I'm working on Lars' lodju package and get some warnings from lintian that
I don't understand.

Before I install the lodju binary into debian/tmp/usr/bin I do a 'strip
--strip-unneeded lodju'.

I include a section and priority field in both the source paragraph and
the package paragraph.

When I check the final package with lintian, I get:

W: lodju: binary-has-unneeded-section ./usr/bin/lodju .note
W: lodju: binary-has-unneeded-section ./usr/bin/lodju .comment
W: lodju: no-section-field
W: lodju: no-priority-field

1. Does --strip-unneeded not work correctly? I realize that I can remove
these sections with the -R option, I'm just curious why strip and lintian
don't agree about what sections are unneeded.

2. The control file built by dpkg-buildpackage has neither section nor
priority fields. What is keeping them out of the final control file? Do I
really have to use the -D option in order to force the section and
priority field?

I realize that these are only warnings, but I hate nits ;-) 


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