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Re: Bug#122529: ITP: planner-el -- The Emacs Planner

OHASHI Akira (2001-12-06 01:44:48 +0900) :

> I think that my elserv package wants to suggest emacs-wiki.  Except
> it, I don't have a special reason for wanting to make them separate
> packages. I want to only use them on my debian machines.  Any
> Commnets?

I see that you uploaded emacs-wiki.  I therefore withdraw my
objections to your packaging of planner.el.  Including it in the
Goodies package would mean adding a dependency on emacs-wiki, and I'm
not too fond of that.  Please go ahead with it, and I'll remove these
two *.el files from my prospective directory :-)

Roland Mas

That's one of the good fings about not existin'; they leave you alone most
of the time.  --  in My Hero (Tom Holt)

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