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Re: lintian, strip --strip-unneeded, section, and priority

On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> I'm working on Lars' lodju package and get some warnings from lintian that
> I don't understand.
> 1. Does --strip-unneeded not work correctly? I realize that I can remove
> these sections with the -R option, I'm just curious why strip and lintian
> don't agree about what sections are unneeded.

These sections aren't needed and footnote 1 in section 11.2. of our policy
states that you might remove them in shared libraries and the same is
true for executables and static libraries..

> 2. The control file built by dpkg-buildpackage has neither section nor
> priority fields. What is keeping them out of the final control file? Do I
> really have to use the -D option in order to force the section and
> priority field?

"lintian -i" is your friend.

> I realize that these are only warnings, but I hate nits ;-)
> TIA,
> Dwarf

BTW: debian-mentors@lists.debian.org is the right place to ask such



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