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Re: fam upload

I've had every intention of packaging fam and have done a bit of work on
doing so, however I think I'm delusional.  A lot is changing (more like
malforming) for me at work, and I have less and less time.  I think I'd like
to leave this package up for adoption.  So, if either Adam or Joerg would
like it, now is the time to say so.  Sorry for seemingly delaying this
   -James Moss

On Wednesday, 05 December 2001, at 13:23:35 (+0100), Joerg Wendland wrote:
> Martin Michlmayr, on 2001-12-05, 09:59, you wrote:
> > (Also, Filip Van Raemdonck submitted the bug and one message archived
> > under the bug number clearly shows that he gave the ITP to James
> > Moss so you should have CCed him anyway.)
> Yep, that was clearly my fault. I mailed James privately hoping that we
> can find a solution to this mess.
> Joerg

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