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Re: DevFS holy war

> Yes, not too hard, but it's Dumb. A device namespace (which devFS wants to be)
> should list whats there in a flat space; eg "ls /dev" should show all dev

i disagree. hierarchical is the way to go.
I want to have all my audio devices in a dir and all my input devices,
all my disks in a dir, all my isdn devices etc.

> entries. This is why current /dev doesn't work really; device files are
> there even if the device isn't. Never mind that even with devFS "ls -r /dev" 
> shows huge amounts of crap. What was wrong with hd[ab...yz][123..89]? 

Newbies will be quite confused by them...
And you can have symlinks anyway.

But, PLEASE, stop this discussion...


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