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Re: DevFS holy war

On 06-Nov 04:38, Erich Schubert wrote:
> > Clearer. But I can't really agree that /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part3
> > (your example) is better than /dev/hda3. For one thing, IDE doesn't even 
> > have luns.
> Who cares that ide (currently?) doesn't have luns?
> scsi has, and i like doing s/scsi/ide/ without having to remember
> cryptic things like hda
> or look at the cd drives.
> Novice users will probably NOT know which device they attached their
> cdrom onto. Having /dev/cdroms/cdrom0 /dev/cdroms/cdrom1 etc. is EASY.
> Btw: you don't have to use /dev/ide, you can just use /dev/discs i
> think. You don't have to care about ide vs. scsi then.
> Maybe this is a devfsd feature though.
> Devfsd does also provide compatibility for those preferring the old
> names; i for myself don't need them any more.
> /dev/discs/disc0/part1 isn't too hard to enter...

Yes, not too hard, but it's Dumb. A device namespace (which devFS wants to be)
should list whats there in a flat space; eg "ls /dev" should show all dev
entries. This is why current /dev doesn't work really; device files are
there even if the device isn't. Never mind that even with devFS "ls -r /dev" 
shows huge amounts of crap. What was wrong with hd[ab...yz][123..89]? 




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