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Re: Debian Conference 2

El 21 Oct 2001 a las 10:57AM +0200, Russell Coker escribio:
> On Sat, 20 Oct 2001 23:34, Andres Seco Hernandez wrote:
> > A two phase aproach can be valid, i think.
> > First, some people interested in collaborate in the organization can offer
> > their options.
> > Second, some days to allow the people to vote that real options.
> Firstly, why limit ourselves to one conference a year?  I could attend more 
> than one if there are conferences in different regions, and if you have 
> regional conferences then you get the people who aren't prepared to travel 
> far.

Yes, regional conferences are good for people that can not travel, but i
thing is good to have a big (in number of developers) conference each

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