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Re: xmodmap???

#include <hallo.h>
Michael Meskes wrote on Tue Sep 25, 2001 um 08:16:35PM:

> Sorry you misunderstood me. I was able to get the Euro symbol but I have to
> run xmodmap every time I start X by hand. It should be run automatically and
> in fact it is, but the result is somehow overwritten again. BTW this is
> version 4.1.0-5.

I know this problem, and I filed a bug on it, but it was not
reproducible, when the environment _before_ running startx has
LC_CTYPE=*@euro. So I assumed that the Xserver behaves correctly and
closed the bug. Feel free to reopen if you definitely have set the
environment before starting X and the problem appears though.

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