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Re: xmodmap???

Michael Meskes wrote:
> I tried activating the Euro symbol. To do so I have to activate it on
> AltGr-E. So that should be easy. I just created a .Xmodmap file in my home
> which contains:
> keycode 26 = e E currency     
> This works if executed by hand, but not automatically. I verified that the
> file is xmodmap'ed in /etc/X11/Xsession.d/40xfree86-common_xmodmap but the
> key is no longer available once X has started. I checked some archives and
> found that others have/had the very same problem. But I did not find an
> explanation for this. On the other hand there appears to be no bug report
> either against xbase-clients. At least that's what the web page search on
> bugs.debian.org said.
> Any idea?

You may want to check out what's written here:

    hp VISUALIZE Workstations - Linux Localization

It may contain the solution for you, or it may not, I have't read in detail.
On http://channel.debian.de/ there could be a description as well, not sure



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