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Re: bind9-chroot (was: questions on ITP)

On Tue, Sep 25, 2001 at 04:34:31PM +0200, Christian Kurz wrote:
> On 01-09-25 Steve Greenland wrote:
> > I am so tired of hearing things like this. Nobody is forcing anyone to
> > do anything. We already "force" them to use 2.2 instead of still using
> > 2.0. You want the functionality, you use the right tools. You want to
> Were exactly do we force them? Which debian packages do not work well
> with a 2.0.x kernel?

apt-cache search usb

for example.

> > stick with 2.2, then *you* deal with the issues. The maintainers have
> That's a nice attitude, which will lead to the situation that
> people, especially administrators, will move away from debian to either
> other distributions, a bsd flavour or other free operating systems.

Forcing new users to deal with historic burden is not an answer.
Use a old kernel - loose features. 

I really can't understand your problem with limiting chroot bind9 
feature to kernels with --bind mounts support. They still can run bind9 
perfectly, although less securely. 

If 2.2 kernel users want chrooted bind, they 

a) have already done it - no extra work
b) upgrade to 2.4       - sheez, that was hard...
c) do it manually       - no more work than it is now

who the hell has to do more work, if we add *support* for 
*automaticly* running bind9 in chroot jail if the kernel 
supports --bind mounts?

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