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Re: Potato to Woody upgrade problem

On Tue, Sep 25, 2001 at 11:41:47AM -0400, Noah Meyerhans wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 25, 2001 at 04:35:51PM +0100, Dave Swegen wrote:
> > > Since the debconf default-display-manager mechanism is now used to
> > > determine which display manager runs, shouldn't wdm/Xservers contain a
> > > valid server line for :0?
> > 
> > Just uncommented the last line in /etc/X11/wdm/Xservers, and wdm ran
> > perfectly well. It was the reason why wdm did nothing. So it would seem
> > that postinst (or something) isn't doing the right thing).
> Well, it's not quite that.  It's that postinst used to do something that
> would (possibly) result in that line being uncommented.  That was how
> it would resolve conflicts between xdm and wdm.  Of course, this also
> necessitated that postinst edited xdm's Xservers file to comment out its
> xserver line.  That's against policy (one package can't touch another's
> config files).
> So now we've got a nice debconf mechanism for choosing the display
> manager, and all that junk about commenting and uncommenting lines is
> removed.  However, the line in Xservers was commented by default to
> ensure no breakage.  Nothing in the postinst script should touch that
> file, the file should just contain the right value by default.
> I will fix that unless Branden can supply me with some reason that it
> should not be the case.  I can't imagine that there'd be one, though.

Well there you go. You learn something new everyday. In this case the
lesson is "always read the whole thread before posting" :)


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