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/bin/ls is impure!


This is probably the weirdest thing I've seen in debian so far.

I was able to re-produce it on my home and work machines, and a person on
irc also go the same results.

Try this:
apt-get install purity purity-off # Not sure if the -off package is
				  # actually necessary
purity list
purity nerd			  # any test should do from the previous
				  # list

Either finish the test, or abort it via ctrl-c or the "q" command.

--> Now run ls.

Be prepared to abort it before it consumes all the available memory on your

If you do this while in X, you will have to close your X terminal to get ls
working agin (doesnt matter if its gnome-terminal, xterm, Eterm.  It even
happens in console, though the effect is permanent (ls will not work on that
console anymore).  reset, clear, etc dont fix it.

I did not send this to the BTS yet as I'm not 100% certain what package is  
at fault.

To me it looks like this would be a bug in ls, though I cant figure out what
is causing it, or why it happens after running purity.  The environment is
unchanged, the aliases are unchanged, the only difference is that ls no
longer works.



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