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Re: /bin/ls is impure!

>>>>> On Wed, 19 Sep 2001, "Norbert" == Norbert Veber wrote:
  Norbert> --> Now run ls.

I can reproduce this.

  Norbert> Be prepared to abort it before it consumes all the available
  Norbert> memory on your system.
  Norbert> To me it looks like this would be a bug in ls, though I
  Norbert> cant figure out what is causing it, or why it happens after
  Norbert> running purity.  The environment is unchanged, the aliases are
  Norbert> unchanged, the only difference is that ls no longer works.

Did you check the COLUMNS environment variable?

brooks% echo $COLUMNS
brooks% /usr/games/purity list
welcome to the purity test.  the current available tests are:

mtrek  - see how muck of an mtrek geek you are...
nerd   - tests to see how "nerdy" you are...
hacker - a hard core computer hacker purity test.

format - an explanation of the data file format (for writing your own tests)
sample - prints a generic sample datafile

to run each test, use "purity <type_of_test> [flags]".

brooks% echo $COLUMNS

IIRC the memory use of the algorithm ls uses to sort its output into
varying-length columns increases greatly with wider terminals. Something 
this absurdly large will cause the algorithm to start eating RAM, just as 
reported. However, *why* COLUMNS gets set so big is another matter...

purity seems to be causing this. No idea why or how, but it seems to be 
the culprit.


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