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Re: ddts: notification about pt_BR-translation of the hello-debhelper description

On Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 11:53:59AM -0500, Adam Heath wrote:
> How can you know what language is native for a maintainer, based on the
> package name?  Sending an english form-letter to <pkg>@packages seems wrong,
> and against what this whole idea is about.

Why? This is multilingual support for users, not developers. Developers
get many English form-letters, not to mention English bug reports.
> I would rather see support added to dpkg first, for storing this info(make all
> tools in dpkg(this includes dpkg-dev(which stores the data into the .deb) do
> this), then work on displaying this info.  I am very much against this hackish
> end-run around what are open-development tools.

Then you should have been here for the lengthy discussion on the subject.
grisu provided lengthy (if not always persuasive) explanations for why
it's being done this way, and there were many discussions on the 

Anyway, grisu is offering working code. There is no working dpkg 
solution, nor consensus that a dpkg solution would be better.

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