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Re: ITC: dpkg-sysconfig

opal@debian.org (Ola Lundqvist) writes:

> * You create a package:
>   host-foo.deb
> * This package install things to /usr/share/systemdir in a special
>   way.
> * The script is automaticly invoked on installation and the data
>   in that dir is used to configure your system.
Sounds like this will solve a major nuisance for me because this will
enable an admin to undo any permission fixings by package postinst (i
especially hate the cdrtools postinst stuff for regularily fscking up
the system wide permissions i granted to all users).

For example on my machines i *do* want the users to be allowed by
default to use what is usually forbidden, and has to be explicitly
allowed by an admin, on a vanilla Debian system.  They should be able
to use a Debian system the same way they expect from a desktop system
like a Mac or Win9x PC.

Sounds like you're creating the solution for me. :-)

                                Thanks, P. *8^)
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