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Re: Debian doc-base policy.

In Sat, 18 Aug 2001 09:39:56 -0400 Steve cum veritate scripsit :

> Indeed, "current practice" one consideration; however, "consistancy" 
> and "ease of use" are other important considerations.  The documentation
> system is, after, intended to help folks -- especially newbies --
> find things efficiently.

But we are looking at woody release, and I would like something done.

Apps/Programming seems to be the current practice, and 
there are few which seem to use Apps/programming... for example.

This kind of thing needs to be fixed first.
We will cure other things later.

This is a very difficult problem which seems to go nowhere,
and I am hoping to get something out for woody first,
then we shall talk about making some rearrangement.


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