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Re: [OT] lazy maintainers

On Wed, Aug 08, 2001 at 02:24:30AM +0100, Peter Joseph wrote:
> I know it's already in non-US, but I beleive that Myth does not want to
> continue having to put it in non-US. I reckon that crypto will shortly

why not? its already there uploading new versions to non-US is not

> be in non-US. I object to Kitame taking over Mozilla:

yeah whatever, crypto in main was supposed to be resolved July 21st,
then August 4th, then... its still hasn't happened, again lets not
hold our breath waiting for lawyers.  

> 1) Without a thumbs up from Myth

then upload the current version.  

> 2) Myths packages are of very high quality

Myth's packages are outdated.  

besides so are Takuo's

now if Myth doesn't have time thats fine, let Takuo NMU, when he has
time he can go back to maintaining mozilla again.

if for whatever reason a maintainer is unable to take care of his
packages he should let someone else take care of them, either
temporarily or permanently.

Ethan Benson

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