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Re: any decent apt frontends ready for woody?

> I think it would be good that we have this alternative/s. If I remember
> well, we just have deity (the old console-apt wich is not in testing atm)
> and aptitude.

I just tried them and saw the open bugs on any of them, I don't think we are
gonna have any of them on woody I'm afraid.

Testing them with cds gave the following result:

	I chose a couple of packages to install, among them aptitude, and
when I tried to install them (it was from cd) I got...
  * Internal Error, Pathname to install is not absolute

	Selected some cds and got...
cdrom open failed
cdrom open failed
cdrom open failed
	If I insert the correct cd in when it is like this it will install
the packages of that cd, having to go another round for the next cd.

All I can say is that to me neither of them seems to cope at all with cds,
if their authors think they can help this out for woody or not, that's
another history, I don't even know if I should file bugs on them :-?

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