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Re: ITP: gnometv -- a Gnome TV/teletext viewer


Quoting Christian Marillat (marillat.christian@wanadoo.fr):
> RvdM> kind of useful for the TV-next-to-irc thing.
> RvdM> I think there is a serious lacking-of-good-tv-applications-for-gnome ;(
> I'll send a ITP for zapping (I'm the french translator).
> http://zapping.sourceforge.net/
> Zapping is really better than gnometv and still developed.
It looks great ! the interface is way better, both teletekst and TV, and the
channel stuff works much better.
it's _slow_! i've got a dual CPU machine with 384mb of ram, and it _crawls_
when i move the main tv window, or when some other window moves over the TV
window - and both gnometv and xawtv don't suffer from this.. any ideas?

if i can get zapping not to hog my system, i'll retract my ITP for gnometv.

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